Smart watches can help you manage your mood and emotions

Added by Gary Cornelius almost 2 years ago

Dementia can lead to many challenges when managing your emotions. There can be many causes of emotion outbursts such as a lack of sleep, constipation, pain, infections, confusion from noises, lights or social events etc. Difficulties managing things are often due to difficulties measuring things – And when you can’t easily recall how your last sleep was, or when you last went to the toilet and other recent events what can you do?..

We found from our work with smart watches over several years that they can be great help! These watches can not only help you track sleep, pain, activity and many other things but they can also help you trend these changes and even notify you to take certain actions in a similar way to you might do yourself when you are more in balance with the events around you.

In particular it can be useful to monitor sleep heart rate, surface skin temperature, sweating. Further information into the our research in this are can be found at:

Further information about the use of similar technologies used for epilepsy can be found here: Further information about the use of similar technologies for autism can be found here: