Low cost sensor based community care platform for Dunblane

Added by Gary Cornelius about 2 years ago

New technologies are making it much easier to keep connected with loved ones and carers. One new such technology that appears to show huge promise for for community care is LoRa. LoRa is a new wireless technology that makes it possible to receive information from sensors many miles away. The technology is ground-breaking as it can help us monitor locations where there is no internet or mobile connectivity (so also it cuts costs as there is no need to pay exorbitant monthly fees for connectivity!). It can also work well where there is no power as some sensors can run on batteries for up to 10 years.

However, there are limits about what type of sensors can be used... for instance we could not stream video or sound from a sensor (too much information for LoRaWan) and we would also not want to monitor real-time physiology like heart rate of people with this (as LoRaWan is not so good with extremely fast changing data that needs to be relayed on very quickly because it may could take several minutes receive information and relay onto carers using this type of network).

If you live in a big smart city like Glasgow there are already established LoRaWan network we can connect to and use. For smaller communities LoRaWan is rare. Rapport this week updated our LoRa gateway in Dunblane...

Please get in touch if you are living in Dunblane or another LoRaWan enabled location and are interested in using assistive care technologies for community care. We provide platform where users can monitor sensors in their homes which can be shared remotely with informal carers and carer groups in the community.