Heat sensing cameras detecting breathing and heart rate

Added by Gary Cornelius about 2 years ago

Someones heart rate and breathing can indicate a lot about their wellness. There is an interesting article on the the BBC about the use of heat camera for monitoring physiology (heart rate and breathing).

What is outlined in this article is a rather expensive high-end solution for hospitals and busy care homes. However, the same type of very low camera in cheap smart phones can also be altered to detect heat for this type of use case. We should be mindful this type of system requires line of sight from the camera to skin to measure heat changes.

This could work for measuring someones face in the bed or sitting on a chair but there are better technologies better PVDR based solutions for this which can sense these changes from a sensor deep under the mattress/chair seat. A better approach would be to target a fixed standing position like a hallway or in front of the kitchen sink where it may be difficult to use PVDR sensing mats.